Products of Hitek Software

JaBack8 8.0 Hitek Software 


JaBack is a standalone tool that will accomplish the task of making reliable backups of your vital data. This reliable tool is perfectly designed to quickly create backups, synchronize your files, and archive your tasks in the smartest way. Composed in a simple graphical interface, this application requires no programming or scripting. Freeware download of JaBack8 8.0, size 23.93 Mb.


Automize8 8.0 Hitek Software 


All the regular and day-to-day tasks of your system can be automated with Automize. This vital tool is exclusively designed to automate any Windows, Macintosh, Linux and other operating system based tasks as per your choice and preferences. With a simple interface and one click tasks and schedules executing feature this tool can be scheduled on. Free download of Automize8 8.0, size 27.04 Mb.

AbleFtp8 8.0 Hitek Software 


AbleFtp is a very easy to use, yet powerful program that provides you scheduling, tasking and automation capabilities. Also the program allows to transfer files interactively, but the goal is to get you to create advanced FTP tasks that can be scheduled to automatically or to run manually.. Free download of AbleFtp8 8.0, size 39.13 Mb.

JaSFtp7 7.0 Hitek Software 


JaSFtp7 is designed with automation in mind, so you do not have to spend time interactively transferring files. A usefull software that is easy to use and you can get it at a low price. Simple User Interface helps you transfer files interactively; but the Goal is to let you create advanced automated SFTP and FTP tasks. The tasks can be. Free download of JaSFtp7 7.0, size 39.65 Mb.