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EasyLogin 2.0 Iconico 

Internet \ Misc. Internet

The EasyLogin toolbar button for Internet Explorer allows you to log into websites using a single mouse click. Version 1 is now available, with the following features: - One touch Login to any HTML site - Save time on typing usernames and passwords - Saves login information as a favorite, which you can place anywhere on your computer and even email. Free download of EasyLogin 2.0, size 346.03 Kb.


Screen Shapes and Controls 1.0 Iconico 

Multimedia \ Misc. Graphics

Screen Shapes and Controls is a handy and reliable application designed to store your favorite scenes for quick and easy retrieval, providing you with the ability to quickly modify them to create new scenes with the same basic elements. And when you've created a scene and you want to show it off to a programmer or client, you can publish it as an. Free download of Screen Shapes and Controls 1.0, size 0 b.

SeaGreen Mac 1.0.12 Iconico 

Web Development

Are you tired of outsourcing your database needs? Sick of paying high monthly fees just to let someone else host your form data? Well, look no further! SeaGreen software is the first application that allows you to create a web-based form and the database you need for collecting your form data. SeaGreen's wizard-like interface takes you from form. Free download of SeaGreen Mac 1.0.12, size 41.28 Mb.

Easy Read 1 5 Iconico 


When you are surfing the Internet from time to time you need to increase or decrease size of web pages. Unfortunately built-in features of Internet Explorer sometimes carry out this task inconsistently. Easy Read 1.5 is a very small utility for Internet Explorer for changing size of displayed web pages. After installing this application you will. Freeware download of Easy Read 1 5, size 0 b.

Screen Calipers ProScope Edition Iconico 


The Screen Calipers are the unique on-screen measurement tool, that let you measure anything on your computer screen with ultimate accuracy. - Graphic Designers:. Free download of Screen Calipers ProScope Edition, size 1.42 Mb.

Window Nudger 1.0 Iconico 

Utilities \ Maintenance

Believe it or not, but there are times when using a mouse can actually be counterproductive! Is your mouse old, broken, or just acting strangely? Has the clutter on your desk forced you to confine your working area to just a tiny sliver of open desktop? Have you ever tried to work on a laptop on one of those tiny airline seatback trays? Sure,. Free download of Window Nudger 1.0, size 1.67 Mb.

Screen Tracing Paper 1.0 Iconico 

Multimedia \ Graphic Viewers

Screen Tracing Paper overlays a transparent digital sheet over your PC desktop so that you may trace diagrams and designs, giving you measurement capability in any situation. The application is perfect for engineers working with blueprints and plans who need to measure irregular distances.Engineers and Designers can see the exact measurements of. Free download of Screen Tracing Paper 1.0, size 3.77 Mb.

Screen Protractor Mac Edition 3.2 Iconico 

Utilities \ Maintenance

The Screen Protractor allows you to easily and quickly measure any angle on the screen to the nearest Degree or Radian. This perfect compliment to the Screen Calipers, the Protractor is simple and easy to use with any program.You may download the feature limited trial, and evaluate the Screen Protractor for as long as you need to. By purchasing the. Free download of Screen Protractor Mac Edition 3.2, size 312.32 Kb.

Screen Calipers Mac Edition 3.2 Iconico 

Multimedia \ Misc. Multimedia Tools

The Screen Calipers can be used with any program where fast and accurate measurements are required. Manipulating the application is simply accomplished through use of the mouse, and a variety of keyboard controls allow for extra fine alignment.Originally created for graphics and web professionals for onscreen html layout, the Screen Calipers are. Free download of Screen Calipers Mac Edition 3.2, size 405.50 Kb.

Cardio Calipers 3.3 Iconico 

Multimedia \ Misc. Multimedia Tools

The Cardio Calipers from provide a fast and accurate way to measure electrocardiograms on a computer screen with pixel perfect accuracy. The Cardio Calipers allow measurement of any EKG, no matter what format the EKG image is in. Simply open up your EKG in any image viewer application and move the Cardio Calipers into place with the. Free download of Cardio Calipers 3.3, size 661.50 Kb.

Screen Compass Mac Edition 3.2 Iconico 

Multimedia \ Misc. Multimedia Tools

The Screen Compass allows you to measure the Radius, Circumference or Area of circular or polygonal shapes on your screen. The intuitive user interface allows you to quickly align the Compass by dragging it with the mouse, and fine adjustments can be made using the keyboard or nudge buttons.This perfect compliment to the Screen Calipers and Screen. Free download of Screen Compass Mac Edition 3.2, size 303.10 Kb.

View Source Editor 1 Iconico 

Utilities \ Misc. Utils.

Are you furustrated at Internet Explorer's insistance on using Notepad when you click View Source? This little application let's you use any text editor instead of Notepad. All you need to do it choose the program and you're set. Version 1 is now available, with the following features: - Easily change the view source editor for Internet Explorer -. Freeware download of View Source Editor 1, size 161.79 Kb.

Data Extractor 2.1 Iconico 

Utilities \ Text

Do you have a group of files that contains important data that you can't get to? Using Data Extractor you can simply extract any information from any files on your computer or from webpages. Simply extract email addresses or URLs, or extract your own information using advanced searching techniques. - Easily extract Email addresses or URLS from text. Free download of Data Extractor 2.1, size 479.23 Kb.

HTML Text Extractor 1.5 Iconico 

Development \ Misc. HTML Tools

If you're frustrated that a website has unselectable text or if you need to view some HTML that's been encrypted then this application is a must. HTML Text Extractor is the simplest and easiest way to view and save the HTML and Text from any webpage. - Easily extract HTML code and Text from any webpage - Extract HTML from webpages that have. Free download of HTML Text Extractor 1.5, size 381.95 Kb.

WebTools Pro 1 Iconico 

Development \ Misc. HTML Tools

WebTools Pro is a unique application for any web developer that finally allows you to construct an HTML page with ease. You can analyze any page's information, scripts, stylesheets, and structure while still working in your favorite editor.WebTools Pro is a must for any HTML coder or web designer. Ever wanted to instantly see all the forms, images. Free download of WebTools Pro 1, size 258.05 Kb.