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idb2MySQL idbTools 

Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

idb2MySQL copies tables and views from source DB to MySQL. ADO is used to connect to source. All application settings, including table list, are stored in ini-file so you can start. Free download of idb2MySQL, size 0 b.


SQL Multi Loader idbTools 

Internet \ Server

idbSQLMultiLoader loads sql-script on several MS SQL Servers. It stores list of connections and lets you operate with several servers in one click. SQL Multi Loader can also return and show results of sql-requests in (text-mode). . Free download of SQL Multi Loader, size 0 b.

idbImage2Text idbTools 

Multimedia \ Misc. Graphics

idbImage2Text splits all the image into squares with the size of font and selects most appropriate symbol for each square. So, the smaller font-size, the better result is. Not all the pictures demonstrate appropriate result. Experiment and enjoy. With the help of idbImage2Text you'll be able to quickly turn your pictures into text. Free download of idbImage2Text, size 0 b.

idbSQLAdmin idbTools 

Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

idbSQLAdmin is a lightweight tool that was designed in order to provide you with a simple means of viewing db-objects of MS SQL Server, administering users, preparing and running scripts. When you install MS SQL Server Express edition, there is no instruments in setup to manage it. This application implements operations with logins,. Free download of idbSQLAdmin, size 0 b.