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Tic Tac Files 2.1 Impresa 

Games \ Board Games

We modernized an ancient logic game for you - check Tic Tac Files out NOW! Since 20th Century, we have new four-dimensional model of reality, which conceptual framework ads time in. Free download of Tic Tac Files 2.1, size 16.22 Mb.


Callisto_5 1.0 Impresa 

Games \ Puzzle

Click and drag: Token is movable inside of its belonging row or column. Tokens are divided in 6 different. Freeware download of Callisto_5 1.0, size 11.69 Mb.

Squaricon 2.1 Impresa 

Games \ Puzzle

Since the Squaricon game mechanics discovered a four Years ago, I played it many thousand times. This pattern-matching game entertains me still today by its elusive motion and outstanding brain challenging game play. However, this is not another disposable product. You will learn this game in few minutes and master for the rest of your life.. Free download of Squaricon 2.1, size 18.73 Mb.

CMeanGame-Promo 2.2 Impresa 

Games \ Fantasy Games

Click and drag: Token is moveable inside of its belonging row or column. All tokens are floating in one single layer over the game board. Tokens are divided in 4 different sets;. Freeware download of CMeanGame-Promo 2.2, size 10.37 Mb.