Products of Infix Technologies

MultiHash Infix Technologies 

Security & Privacy

Generate hash values for files, directories, and entire drives. These hash values can be used to verify that two files or directory trees are identical, or to verify against published hash values when downloading. These hash values can be used to publish your own values so your customers can verify their downloads. Hash values can also. Free download of MultiHash, size 425.98 Kb.


PingGraph Infix Technologies 

Internet \ Network Monitors

PingGraph helps find and diagnose network problems by graphing ping times and and estimated bandwidth available on multiple connections. Email alerts inform you of networking trouble. Data is saved in an easy-to-use XML format. Graphs are configurable to show a wide range of time scales from 10 minutes to a year, allowing you to quickly identify. Free download of PingGraph, size 437.25 Kb.

GPSMonitor Infix Technologies 

Utilities \ Misc. Utils.

GPSMonitor graphs the azimuth, elevation and signal strength of all visible satellites, and displays human-readable data parsed from several types of NMEA string received from a USB GPS. The GPS uses an emulated serial port for communication running at 4800 baud. Graphed data is saved so it is visible when the program is run again later. It is able. Freeware download of GPSMonitor, size 319.49 Kb.