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TIC! Camera Timer rc 

Multimedia \ Screen Capture

This is an open-hardware one-button time-lapse camera timer initially developed for a Canon 400D Digital SLR camera. It can be used to take photographs at intervals from 1 second to 65535 seconds (approximately 18 hours). Uses a PIC microcontroller.. Freeware download of TIC! Camera Timer rc, size 40.97 Kb.


IRK! Infrared Remote USB Keyboard 2.03 

Education \ Science

This is an open-hardware Infrared Remote Controlled USB keyboard, without keys, implemented using a PIC micro-controller and MikroC. IRK! enables you to use your LEARNING remote control to control any system that you can plug a USB keyboard into. Great for controlling a MythTV system.You can program any USB keyboard function (with or without. Freeware download of IRK! Infrared Remote USB Keyboard 2.03, size 283.70 Kb.