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Sherlock Holmes: Three Cases (Windows) 1.3 Interactive E Books 

Games \ Puzzle

ONE HUNDRED YEARS AGO, in the time of top hats, London pea-souper fogs and seedy opium dens, the first and greatest consulting detective of them all exercised his genius. Can you take on his role as super sleuth? Do you have an eye for details that everyone else misses? Are you driven by a passion for logical, deductive reasoning? If so, you will. Free download of Sherlock Holmes: Three Cases (Windows) 1.3, size 519.17 Kb.


Puss In Boots (Windows) 1.2a Interactive E Books 

Games \ Educational Games

An interactive children's story with 50 colour illustrations! Read how Puss helps brave Tom the miller's son to win the hand of the beautiful Princess Olivia, while foiling the dastardly plans of the evil Prince Ugo! Or does he? In this interactive tale it is up to YOU to decide.Puss in Boots was nominated for the 2003 Best Software Award in the. Free download of Puss In Boots (Windows) 1.2a, size 5.37 Mb.

Hector James (Windows) 1.1 Interactive E Books 

Games \ Role Playing

London in 1930 and Hector James, journalist and sleuth, was the star of Fleet Street. Hector, formerly of His Majesty's Secret Service, has a week to foil the plans of kidnappers and murderers and deliver the exclusive stories that his editor demands.In our most complex inebook yet Hector will need to sift through all the leads to find those cases. Free download of Hector James (Windows) 1.1, size 1.26 Mb.

A Day In The Life (Windows) 1.3 Interactive E Books 

Games \ Role Playing

Presenting the first in a series of inebooks, interactive stories where you are the central character. It's a working day like any other, or is it? So many things to think about, so many choices to make, but don't forget you pay the consequences! Decisions, decisions, decisions. Suddenly all those things you took for granted matter! You can play. Free download of A Day In The Life (Windows) 1.3, size 910.34 Kb.

The Lord of Blackskull Keep (Windows) 1.0a Interactive E Books 

Games \ Role Playing

The long-awaited successor to "The Flame of Illean" has now arrived. "The Lord of Blackskull Keep" is not a sequel but a companion game, again set in the fantasy world of "Mystaris", filled with magic and monsters, danger and adventure.A killer is stalking the town of Wendon. The necks of the victims bear the marks of. Free download of The Lord of Blackskull Keep (Windows) 1.0a, size 4.09 Mb.