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System Mechanic Free iolo technologies, LLC 

Utilities \ Maintenance

System Mechanic Free keeps your PC running at peak performance and stability with advanced PC optimization, repair and maintenance features. Using 7 safe and effective tools, its exclusive patented technology fixes registry problems, defrags hard drives, cleans up junk files, accelerates downloads, boosts Windows speed and ensures maximum ongoing. Freeware download of System Mechanic Free, size 585.73 Kb.


System Mechanic 10.5.0 iolo technologies, LLC 

Utilities \ Maintenance

System Mechanic restores more power, speed, and stability than any other product or service. Fully-integrated repair and optimization suite fixes problems, boosts speed, eliminates crashes, and prevents errors and problems from recurring. Patented ActiveCare® technology automatically and effortlessly fixes and maintains your PC when you aren't. Free download of System Mechanic 10.5.0, size 19.00 Mb.

System Checkup iolo technologies, LLC 


System Checkup is an application that will tell you what is slowing down your computer. This program will check nine points of your system, telling you if it has found any problems in the Internet speed, memory levels, startup speed, registry, drives, any security holes, system clutter, Internet clutter and invalid shortcuts. After. Freeware download of System Checkup, size 4.34 Mb.

iolo Firewall iolo technologies, LLC 

Internet \ Misc. Internet

iolo Personal Firewall puts up a barrier against Internet threats by only allowing desired communication to and from your computer. It prevents unauthorized users from gaining access to your PC and stealing information or causing damage. Use iolo Personal Firewall to prevent identify thieves from stealing private information, protect against. Free download of iolo Firewall, size 8.33 Mb.

DriveScrubber iolo technologies, LLC 

Utilities \ Security

DriveScrubber permanently and securely wipes away data from drives, to prevent confidential information from falling into the wrong hands when selling or donating a computer. In addition to thoroughly erasing all drive contents, DriveScrubber can now also wipe only the free space of a drive, to delete the remnants of deleted files. With this. Free download of DriveScrubber, size 6.06 Mb.

iolo Antivirus iolo technologies, LLC 

Utilities \ Anti-Virus Utilities

Viruses, worms, dangerous spyware, and other malicious software continue to increase in number and complexity and pose a high risk. These infections can wreak havoc by causing permanent computer damage, destroying data, and enabling identity theft. Use iolo AntiVirus to detect, block, and remove these malicious infections. The iolo AntiVirus. Free download of iolo Antivirus, size 23.48 Mb.

System Shield 2.1c iolo technologies, LLC 

Utilities \ Security

Most people believe that when a file is deleted, it is permanently and irrecoverably "gone". The error in this belief is that it relies on some basic assumptions that are very far from the truth.Realistically, the following must be true in order for a file to be irrecoverably deleted:1. The data within it must not exist anymore. 2. Any. Free download of System Shield 2.1c, size 671.74 Kb.