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Learn English Words 2014 Lite 2.0 IT Top 

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There is nothing better for your word stock improvement than our useful educational application Learn English Words! You have the opportunity to train not only your language and spelling knowledge, but also learn to recognize diffrernt visual items and parts of speech nouns, verbs and adjectives. Every part contains 50 tasks to be. Freeware download of Learn English Words 2014 Lite 2.0, size 66.06 Mb.


Handwriting Nano Book Lite 2.0 IT Top 

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Handwriting Nano Book is a wonderful kids game with usually tasks for your fingers. This app is useful for kids and babies who try to write some letters and numbers and want to do it better and faster! - Useful. Freeware download of Handwriting Nano Book Lite 2.0, size 34.60 Mb.

Hiragana-Katakana Copybook Lite 2.0 IT Top 

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If you ever dreamed of learning Japanese, you should start with the basic foundation - a calligraphy. In Japanese there're two syllabaries - hiragana and katakana. Learn them with our Hiragana-Katakana Copybook Lite right on you device and also get a correct pronunciation of each. This is the best way to learn Japanese writing for you and your. Freeware download of Hiragana-Katakana Copybook Lite 2.0, size 39.43 Mb.

Hangman Ultimate Pro 1.0 IT Top 

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Hangman is the best guessing game ever! Now you will try to survive and guess the word. Let?s test your luck! Hangman is a classic paper and pencil guessing game for two or more players but in Hangman Ultimate you don?t need some paper and pencil. Hangman. Free download of Hangman Ultimate Pro 1.0, size 22.33 Mb.

Learn English Audiobooks 1.0 IT Top 

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Choose the most suitable audio books to help you in learning English from our collection and make English learning library of your own. Study English from the best English writers presented in Learn English Audio Books app: from Daniel Defoe to Gilbert Keith Chesterton. 1. Find and download most suitable English. Free download of Learn English Audiobooks 1.0, size 1.47 Mb.

Cats Curling 3D 1.0 IT Top 

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If you are fan of exiting competitions and couldn't imagine your life without sports you should try our new amazing curling game Cats Curling 3D!Have you ever played in curling using a cats instead of stones? No? Then you certainly should try! It's a completely new game with useful and responsive interface and gorgeous 3d graphic that won't leave. Free download of Cats Curling 3D 1.0, size 39.74 Mb.

Check Forecast 1.0 IT Top 

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Most of weather apps contain too many unnecessary details. Check Forecast aims to give you the perfect balance of useful weather information and simplicity. It provides you with 7 days weather data about temperature, wind speed, precipitation probability. You can check the weather conditions anywhere on the globe - simply search by city name. Free download of Check Forecast 1.0, size 30.51 Mb.

Grumpy Zombie 3D 1.1 IT Top 

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Do you like zombie war games or crazy fighting games? Maybe you love scary boxing games with warrior monsters? ***How To Play:

Learn English with Memory Cards 1.0 IT Top 

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Learn words using photos and words definitions, set up notification center and you will receive 3 or 8 words per day (depend on your choice) on homescreen of your device. Use the best method with Memory Cards to improve your English Language vocabulary. This application allows you to learn the basic English language word list for. Free download of Learn English with Memory Cards 1.0, size 10.49 Mb.

Balloon Defense 3D HD 1.1 IT Top 

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Balloon Defense Features of. Free download of Balloon Defense 3D HD 1.1, size 36.81 Mb.

Balloon Simulator 3D 1.0 IT Top 

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Balloon Simulator - flying sim extreme game HOW TO. Free download of Balloon Simulator 3D 1.0, size 28.73 Mb.

Guess the Sound Pets Emerald HD 1.0 IT Top 

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Animals make such awesome noises! Each type of domestic animals speaks its own animal language. Are you sure you can discern them all? Pig, cow, horse, dog, cat etc. Its a fun and entertaining way for your child to learn about domestic animals. Let the kids learn the sounds animals produce. You will hear a sound effect and you will see 4. Freeware download of Guess the Sound Pets Emerald HD 1.0, size 5.56 Mb.

Baby Cars For Attention 1.0 IT Top 

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Baby Cars For Attention is the most addictive and educative game for kids and babies. If you looking for interesting game for your baby don?t lose your time and try it right now! How to play: tap the screen, remember the type of car and try to find same types. You can open only two sectors at the same time! Test your memory skills and. Free download of Baby Cars For Attention 1.0, size 29.67 Mb.

Guess Celebrities 1.0 IT Top 

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Everybody knows that world history and culture is very rich and great. But not everybody knows the most famous and outstanding people ever! Guess Celebrities app offers you a very addictive adventure in guessing the names of the most popular people: politics, inventors, scientists, actors, singers, writers, etc. There is no doubt that. Free download of Guess Celebrities 1.0, size 40.16 Mb.

Educational Quizzes 1.0 IT Top 

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If you're looking for a perfect cognitive app for your child and for yourself check up this one! We've create this Educational Quizzes special for those people who want to know a lot of things and like to check their knowledge! This awesome educational app for every kid and adult will bring you a lot of very good times and interesting tasks for. Free download of Educational Quizzes 1.0, size 24.75 Mb.