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WordBomb: George W. Bush Edition 1.5 Jack Games 

Games \ Puzzle

A word find game where the words you find are Bushisms! Challenge yourself to find all the abominations to the English language while W. entertains you with more wit and wisdom.. Freeware download of WordBomb: George W. Bush Edition 1.5, size 45.30 Mb.


Tetrodance 1.5 Jack Games 

Games \ Puzzle

This is TetroDance, a game like Tetris where you dance in front of a webcam to control the falling blocks. Swing left and right to move the blocks left and right. Point up to either turn the block or make it fall. All you need is a webcam!. Freeware download of Tetrodance 1.5, size 46.70 Mb.

Speed Demons: JetSkee 1.5 Jack Games 

Games \ Arcade Style

Get on your Jetski and race through lakes, rivers, and oceans on your way to winning the gold cup! Speed Demons: JetSkee features a variety of races where you challenge 3 other racers on a variety of aquatic courses. There are 3 difficulty levels, so anyone can enjoy the action.. Freeware download of Speed Demons: JetSkee 1.5, size 32.50 Mb.

WordBomb 1.5 Jack Games 

Games \ Puzzle

This version of WordBomb challenges you to find all the words in a grid of letters before the bomb explodes. The time limit and music make a simple word find rather intense. You can pick from a dozen or so lists of words or make your own! This game is now 100% free and without in-game ads.. Freeware download of WordBomb 1.5, size 45.30 Mb.

Speed Demons: Snowboarding 1 5 Jack Games 

Games \ Arcade Style

Use your mouse for ultimate control as you try to navigate at high speeds down treacherous mountains, around deadly trees and across the cold ice and snow. 2 modes of play and 6 hills to master!. Freeware download of Speed Demons: Snowboarding 1 5, size 32.50 Mb.

Bar Room Pool 1 5 Jack Games 

Games \ Arcade Style

Set up a relaxing game of pool, and call your own shot! Use the mouse to point your cue, hold down the button and release!. Freeware download of Bar Room Pool 1 5, size 12.90 Mb.

Camtroller 1. 1. 2002 Jack Games 

Games \ Misc. Games

Use Physicam technology to control your games using a webcam instead of a keyboard. Use on free web flash and java games, or your own library of PC games, old and new! Includes Physicam setup program.. Freeware download of Camtroller 1. 1. 2002, size 924.67 Kb.