Products of Jaibo Software

Astute Dibs 1.0 Jaibo Software 

Games \ Puzzle

Astute Dibs is a very nice puzzle/logic game similar to Lines in which you should eliminate dibs of one color jumping over them. Astute Dibs features three difficulty levels, two different skins, beautiful 24bit graphics, jolly sounds and music. There is demonstration mode. You can save your game at any moment. Also you can record your game and. Free download of Astute Dibs 1.0, size 706.56 Kb.


Animate TetBlox 1.3 Jaibo Software 

Games \ Puzzle

Animate TetBlox is a Tetris-like game with animated beautiful nature pictures, you have never seen such a superb block game before. There are five game types such as Classic Tetris, Light Tetris, Pentix, Color Tetris etc. Two-players games are supported, and the two-player option has three modes: cooperative, combat and race.This game features many. Free download of Animate TetBlox 1.3, size 4.48 Mb.

TetFun 2000 World Championship 2.3 Jaibo Software 

Games \ Puzzle

TetFun 2000 is a very nice Tetris game. It also includes Pentix, a popular variation of Tetris that's more complicated, game with bombs and four modes of gaming (Classic, Timer, Rising and World Championship). By playing this game you can take part in the TetFun World Championship in the Internet ! There are many different block sets. TetFun 2000. Free download of TetFun 2000 World Championship 2.3, size 2.85 Mb.

ColorFun 2.3 Jaibo Software 

Games \ Puzzle

A very nice tetris-like puzzle game in which you should eliminate blocks of one color. ColorFun features three modes of gaming, three difficulty levels, customizable number of blocks, game with bombs, beautiful 24bit graphics, jolly sounds and much more. There are many different block sets. ColorFun has a very comfortable keyboard control. You can. Free download of ColorFun 2.3, size 2.68 Mb.

PipeFun 2.3 Jaibo Software 

Games \ Puzzle

PipeFun is an incredible puzzle game similar to PipeDream and Tetris in which you should connect pieces of pipe to each other. PipeFun features two unique types of game, three modes of game, three difficulty levels, customizable form of pieces. In a result there are more than 9 variations of game! There are demonstration mode. PipeFun also features. Free download of PipeFun 2.3, size 2.85 Mb.

Outbreak 1.9 Jaibo Software 

Games \ Arcade Style

Outbreak is a space shooter game similar to Galaxian/Galaga clones, this shooter features stunning 16-bit graphics, seven music themes and randomly generated pictures of space with more than 100 REAL space objects. There are four unique enemy races with 121 waves of ships, more than 50 different enemy ships and nine super bosses. Also Outbreak. Free download of Outbreak 1.9, size 6.03 Mb.

Alien Battlecraft: Arena 1.4 Jaibo Software 

Games \ Action

Build your own spaceship and destroy foes in the fierce battles, in this cool mix of Star Control fights and gameplay of Quake III Arena.There are more than 100 different components for building spaceships. This space shooter features five game modes such as DeathBattle, Team DeathBattle, Fatal Battle etc., stunning graphics, 3D sound, high level. Free download of Alien Battlecraft: Arena 1.4, size 5.76 Mb.

Animate Nature Screensaver 1.1 Jaibo Software 

Desktop \ Screen Savers

Animate Nature Screensaver shows beautiful photographic nature scenes with realistic animation including moving sky, birds merrily flying between the trees, butterflys flitting about above the ground. Let your eyes rest on the living pictures of the nature. Enjoy the entrancing sounds of the birds singing. Animate Nature Screensaver has six high. Free download of Animate Nature Screensaver 1.1, size 3.72 Mb.