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JMPX 2 JontiSoft 


JMPX is an FM Stereo Encoder with RDS support. It can be used with an FM transmitter to produce a stereo radio station which can be received with any standard FM stereo radio. The FM transmitter gets connected to the computer soundcard and JMPX takes care of the rest. A soundcard that supports a sample rate of least 96000Hz is needed for stereo. Freeware download of JMPX 2, size 14.59 Mb.


J-QAM 3.0 JontiSoft 

Internet \ Misc. Internet

Use any simple radio transmitter to send Audio/Video or any other form of data via the soundcard. Rates up to 400kb/s possible. With two transmitters, 2way communication is possible. Uses quadrature amplitude modulation scheme (QAM). Robustness is done with Read Solomon coding, interleaving, and TCM.. Freeware download of J-QAM 3.0, size 2.06 Mb.