Products of Katgames

Fireworks Extravaganza Katgames 


Fireworks Extravaganza 10.0 is a puzzle game developed by KatGames. In Fireworks Extravaganza 10.0 we must fire as much fireworks as we are able to. To do so we must fill the empty fireworks with the right gems. We can use mouse to move the gems and the right button to rotate them. We can throw away the unwanted gems to the trash. But be very. Free download of Fireworks Extravaganza, size 0 b.


Genius Move Katgames 


Genius Move is a remake of the classic Japanese puzzle Sokoban. The game consists in placing a number of pieces, in this particular case ice cubes, on a set point in the board using a character to push them. In the role of the traditional ‘warehouse keeper’, we will find a little penguin that is really well animated and. Free download of Genius Move, size 0 b.

Dream Chronicles 5 - The Book of Water Katgames 


Lyra has found her way home… only to find her town hit by a devastating storm. In search of power, the evil fairy queen of Dreams has cast a terrible curse over all of Wish. With her father gravely ill and her mother missing, Lyra must find a way to break the spell. Journey through beautifully enchanted places, solve challenging puzzles,. Free download of Dream Chronicles 5 - The Book of Water, size 20.89 Mb.