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Hurry Honey! 1.1.1 KefSensei 

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In Hurry Honey you guide Cupid the Explorer in a quest for Love Tokens to save humankind. Swinging from hanging vines attached to puffy clouds Cupid must collect as many precious hearts as possible. Just be careful to avoid the cute devil monsters, watch out for freezing snow, slippery rain, broken and sticky clouds, and remember there is always a. Freeware download of Hurry Honey! 1.1.1, size 22.23 Mb.


Hotel Dash - Suite Success 32.0 KefSensei 


Hotel Dash - Suite Success is a very fast-paced time management game in which you are in charge of a hotel. Your job is to reach a certain monetary goal per level in order to get to the next one. Every level has always two goals: a classic and an expert goal. Once you achieve the basic goal, you can keep on playing until the time runs out and try. Free download of Hotel Dash - Suite Success 32.0, size 0 b.