Products of Kofax

Kofax e-Transactions Kofax 


Kofax e-Transactions is an add-on application for Kofax Transformation Modules that automates the electronic delivery of documents to a business process via secure email, removing the need for printing, mailing, scanning and data entry. Kofax e-Transactions allows enterprises to eliminate paper as quickly as possible, potentially at its source, and. Free download of Kofax e-Transactions, size 25.11 Mb.


Kofax Desktop 2.0.146 Kofax 


Imagine scanning and attaching documents to an email without ever leaving Outlook! Kofax Desktop does away with clunky scanning applications and allows you to scan without toggling away from Microsoft Office. Kofax Desktop makes scanning easier, faster, and more accessible - reducing time and manpower spent on scanning document images.. Free download of Kofax Desktop 2.0.146, size 450.20 Mb.