Products of LogicalFlux

Big Phonebook LogicalFlux 

Mobile \ Productivity

A simple app to view your contacts without having to squint to see the numbers. Has easy features for sharing contact information and making calls and texts straight from the app. Please note: To text from the app, you just need to press and hold on the number you want to text on the contact info page. The default phone messaging app. Freeware download of Big Phonebook, size 1.05 Mb.


SubnetCalc LogicalFlux 

Mobile \ Productivity

This app helps you subnet networks by giving you detailed information about an IP address and subnet mask. You enter the IP and subnet mask and the application will tell you details of the network such as network address, broadcast address, usable host addresses and the size of the network. The app also has the feature to display the IP. Freeware download of SubnetCalc, size 1.05 Mb.