Products of MadCap Software, Inc.

MadCap Capture 5.0.0 MadCap Software, Inc. 

Multimedia \ Misc. Graphics

MadCap Capture is a state-of-the art software program that lets you easily capture anything that displays on your computer screen and enhance the image using a variety of features. Capture is part of MadCap Softwarea€™s integrated "dream suite" of native XML, multi-channel authoring software. Like the other products in this suite,. Free download of MadCap Capture 5.0.0, size 40.58 Mb.


MadCap Analyzer 4.0 MadCap Software, Inc. 

Business \ Misc. Inf. Tools

MadCap Analyzer is a powerful analytic tool for your Flare projects. Find critical issues immediately, such as missing content or broken links, and non-critical technical issues such as unused style sheets or images that can be removed from projects. Create custom reports and share information with documentation teams and managers to identify. Free download of MadCap Analyzer 4.0, size 91.56 Mb.

MadCap Mimic 4.0.0 MadCap Software, Inc. 

Multimedia \ Video

MadCap Mimic is a cutting-edge software simulation tool that lets you quickly and easily create movies of software - without any programming knowledge required. The movies you make are ideal for use in sales and marketing, technical support, eLearning, or in a Help system. With Mimic, you can create professional quality movies in just three easy. Free download of MadCap Mimic 4.0.0, size 133.17 Mb.

MadCap Lingo 5.0 MadCap Software, Inc. 

Business \ Misc. Inf. Tools

MadCap Lingo is a translation management solution designed to assist technical writers, documentation specialists and professional translators in the translation and localization process. Improve translation efficiency with a streamlined workflow using built-in Translation Memory technology (TMX support), detailed reporting capabilities, and. Free download of MadCap Lingo 5.0, size 83.26 Mb.