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SB Oscillograph 1.0 Max Feoktistov 

Education \ Science

It is real digital oscillograph. Your sound cart can give 16 digital bits, and has two independent channel. It's great, it gives about 150 microvolt precision level. Frequence limit isn't hight, no more then 44100 Hz, but in many case it is enough.. Free download of SB Oscillograph 1.0, size 38.91 Kb.


Small HTTP server 3.05.59 Max Feoktistov 

Internet \ Server

This small utility turns your computer into a fullyfunctional Web-server. Include Proxy, FTP, POP3, Real SMTP, DNS, DHCP server. Fulldetail statistics. Easy setting. Supported virtual directories for FTPand HTTP. Supported POP3 and FTP proxies. SMTP relay or SMTP proxy.The program itself requires a minimal set of system resources, so theserver's. Free download of Small HTTP server 3.05.59, size 120.83 Kb.