Products of Micro Technology Unlimited

Songverter 1 23 Micro Technology Unlimited 


If you have a file that a program won't open because it is the wrong file format, Songverter is your answer. This file converter can do one file at a time, or convert all files from the selected format into the new format. - Unattended Batch conversion of all files (of the selected Format in the Source. Free download of Songverter 1 23, size 3.06 Mb.


KHPro Demo 5 1 Micro Technology Unlimited 


Karaoke CDG songs show lyrics on a display to help you learn songs faster, and to practice before performing in public or with friends and family. Singers, Bands and professional Show Hosts use KHPro to create new Karaoke songs, or remake songs they bought with out-of-sync lyrics. KHPro created MP3 G, WMA G and BIN songs play in all. Free download of KHPro Demo 5 1, size 4.73 Mb.

Keyrite 2 20 Micro Technology Unlimited 


If you sing, you need music key changed for your voice pitch. Keyrite Pro key change software was developed just for you. It can pitch change both audio music and cd g karaoke music with lyrics kept in sync. Now you can perform your music in your voice range at shows... and never be embarrassed again.. Free download of Keyrite 2 20, size 3.09 Mb.

Karaoke for DirectX 1.0 Micro Technology Unlimited 


This project is dedicated to Karaoke on the base of Microsoft DirectX technology. A number of DirectShow filters allow end-user playing back karaoke files in the standard Windows Media Player without need to look for and/or buy expensive players with complicated GUI.. Freeware download of Karaoke for DirectX 1.0, size 75.69 Mb.

Microstudio 4.24.08 Micro Technology Unlimited 


Microstudio, evolved since 1992, is the best ripper available today (download demo for proof). We tested all competiting products, importing tracks from some NEW commercial discs and found errors on the last lyrics screens were so bad you couldn't even see words or highlighting. Using Microstudio with Ultra-Clean™ error correction,. Free download of Microstudio 4.24.08, size 7.79 Mb.