Products of MicroMighty, Inc.

HTTP Prefix Module 1 MicroMighty, Inc. 

Development \ Components and Libraries

Handle the HTTP prefix in the address line such as 'www.' and the scheme of 'http' or 'https' for SSL pages from just one configurable area. Determine whether your web site will or. Freeware download of HTTP Prefix Module 1, size 531.46 Kb.


Magic Fingers Hot Key Launcher MicroMighty, Inc. 


Launch files, folders, applications and URLs quickly using just a single customizable keystroke or use your mouse to click it from the tray menu.Setup hotkeys that make sense and open web sites and applications faster than ever, e.g. Ctrl+Shift+G for GMail and Ctrl+Shift+N for Notepad. You can setup any command line to execute, paste a. Freeware download of Magic Fingers Hot Key Launcher, size 1.78 Mb.

Easy Error Handler 1 MicroMighty, Inc. 

Development \ Components and Libraries

Add an advanced error handling ability to your web site in just minutes, you can have the error details sent to you or to multiple addressees via email, log the error into a database table or save it as a physical XML file.Turn error reporting on and off directly from your "Web.config", you can even set an interval to avoid sending too. Freeware download of Easy Error Handler 1, size 621.01 Kb.

HTTP Compression Module 1 MicroMighty, Inc. 

Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

Boost up your web site performance with this efficient HTTP compression module and save up to 80 percent on bandwidth while also reducing load times.When this HTTP Module is active it will automatically handle files before they are sent to the browser and will only send the compressed stream using the GNU Zip standard to make your web site even. Freeware download of HTTP Compression Module 1, size 509.29 Kb.

Screen Mode Switch 2 MicroMighty, Inc. 

Utilities \ Misc. Utils.

Easy switch between screen modes with the world's best solution for changing screen resolution, define a hot key for each pre defined screen and customize your favorite screen modes to show up in the tray menu.Change resolution also when having no access to the system settings, switch screens directly from the menu or by using hot key. Freeware download of Screen Mode Switch 2, size 420.28 Kb.