Products of MobilePlus Jsc

Bao Hay 1.1 MobilePlus Jsc 

Mobile \ News v?i n?i dung du?c t?ng h?p t? hon 60 d?u bao n?i ti?ng h? ng d?u ? Vi?t Nam. Bao g?m 12 chuyen m?c l?n du?c c?p nh?t lien t?c trong ng? y, t?ng h?p to? n b? thong tin v? kinh t? d?i ngo?i, d?u tu, th? tru?ng h? ng hoa v? d?ch v?, th? tru?ng t? i chinh, cong ngh?, lao d?ng ,van hoa, th? thao, gi?i tri, d? bao th?i ti?t V?i phong cach. Freeware download of Bao Hay 1.1, size 4.40 Mb.


BallExplosion 1.0 MobilePlus Jsc 

Mobile \ Games

L? tro choi r?t don gi?n nhung l?i doi h?i ph?i t?p trung v? k? nang phan doan cung nhu nhanh tay nhanh m?t. khi kh?i d?ng m?t v? n? gi?a cac ngoi sao, cac ngoi sao khac n?u ch?m v? o s? n? lay, v? c? th? lay qua c? nh?ng ngoi sao khac n?a. Nhi?m v? c?a ngu?i choi l? ph?i l? m th? n? o n? du?c c? ng nhi?u ngoi sao c? ng t?t.. Free download of BallExplosion 1.0, size 4.09 Mb.

KVDictionary 1.0 MobilePlus Jsc 

Mobile \ Education

KVDictionary l? b? t? di?n H? n-Vi?t n?m trong b? ?ng d?ng Education c?a mobileplus JSC .Day l? b? t? di?n v?i s? lu?ng t? kh?ng l? v? d?y d? nh?t,tich h?p cac t?, thu?t ng? cach chuyen ng? nh CNTT,Kinh T?,Hoa H?c,V?t Ly,Sinh H?c... Ngo? i ra con h? tr? ch?c nang g?i nh? t? khi ngu?i dung khong nh? chinh xac t? khoa minh c?n tra, day l? b? cong c?. Free download of KVDictionary 1.0, size 12.16 Mb.