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Atlantica Online Free Leaguer 0.1 Mofiki WorldWide 

Games \ Misc. Games

A macro program that will automatically join free league when the time comes for it to start and then it will guard automatically with your main so that your mercs can get their turns. This is a standalone single file macro that will run when you double click it. There will be an icon beside your clock in windows when its running.. Freeware download of Atlantica Online Free Leaguer 0.1, size 241.17 Kb.


Myspace Game Macro 0.1 Mofiki WorldWide 

Games \ Misc. Games

This macro was created to allow you to create your own mini macro's for myspace games. Originally created for Myspace Mobsters this macro allows you to create automated sequences of clicks to do missions or fight other players.. Freeware download of Myspace Game Macro 0.1, size 251.66 Kb.

Eve Online Jetcan Macro 0.1 Mofiki WorldWide 

Games \ Misc. Games

This great tool is intended to help players of the popular Eve Online mine more efficiently and effectively by being able to move ore from their cargohold to a jetcan. This will allow you to mine larger amounts while away from your keyboard.. Freeware download of Eve Online Jetcan Macro 0.1, size 283.12 Kb.