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Morgan LSI M-JPEG Codec V1 3.0 Morgan Multimedia 


The Morgan M-JPEG codec can compress and Playback Full Screen Video at more than 30 pictures by second without compromising quality, replacing common hardware solutions based on additional cards or dedicated chipset. * Playback hardware LSI M-JPEG AVI files (TARGA 1000/2000 Series) without the. Free download of Morgan LSI M-JPEG Codec V1 3.0, size 51.15 Mb.


Morgan JPEG ToolBox 2.0 Morgan Multimedia 


You will find in this version JPEG capacities reinforced, quality and usage improvement, JPEG2000 ROI (Region of Interest) functionality added, several optimizations and new functions for the pleasure of webmaster and Digital photo passionate. The excellent solution to create smaller images without compromising quality.. Free download of Morgan JPEG ToolBox 2.0, size 2.90 Mb.

Morgan Multimedia Motion JPEG Codec Morgan Multimedia 


Morgan M-JPEG codec is used to compress and decompress multimedia files. A codec is a file that stores the logic used for compression and decompression of a movie or a sound file. This way, the multimedia file will be smaller, and it can be easily distributed through Internet. When you use the file, it becomes decompressed in your PC using the same. Free download of Morgan Multimedia Motion JPEG Codec, size 51.15 Mb.

Morgan JPEG2000 Toolbox 1 Morgan Multimedia 

Multimedia \ Graphic Viewers

Morgan JPEG2000 Toolbox is a windows software which allows you to view, create, edit, display, save ... JPEG2000 files and other format. It is an excellent solution to create a file in the JPEG2000 format.Morgan JPEG2000 toolbox permits viewing JPEG2000 data and any otherfile formats as bmp, png, tga, tif, jpg, gif... It also allows to load a. Free download of Morgan JPEG2000 Toolbox 1, size 2.68 Mb.