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Cheesy Pizza Designer 3 Munchie Games 

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Do you Love Pizz* Cheesy Pizza Designer is the ultimate Pizza App! You get two single slice Pizza crusts and a load of toppings to drop on top! Add a big glob of melted cheese, then pile on all the meaty or veggy toppings you desire! The crazy thing is it's 0 calories! So this could be the ultimate diet app as well! This game is very simple. Freeware download of Cheesy Pizza Designer 3, size 10.59 Mb.


Hamburger Hotdog 3 Munchie Games 

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Hamburger Hotdog Feeding Frenzy! You have a short time to keep feeding loads of Hamburgers and Hotdogs to these two kids. Hurry but don't be sloppy and get food on them! Collect all Corndogs and Gems for score!. Free download of Hamburger Hotdog 3, size 13.00 Mb.

Hamburger Slot Machine Free 3 Munchie Games 

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Hamburger Slot Machine , the ultimate cooking Slots! Try to match beefy patties, or patties with various yummy toppings like a mountain of cheddar! You can get all kinds of crazy combos plus the ability to upgrade and start a big greasy frying pan up on the burner! Once the pan is going you can cook up bonus achievements! The frying pan and. Freeware download of Hamburger Slot Machine Free 3, size 14.37 Mb.