Products of newObjects

ZmeY FastNote 1.26 newObjects 

Business \ Office Tools

Small plain text editor with powerfull autotext features.. Free download of ZmeY FastNote 1.26, size 629.14 Kb.


CE AppManager invoker newObjects 

Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

CE AppManager invoker is a lightweight application designed to help Pocket PC developers to install applications on portable devices. Usually the developer needed to write a special app in order to invoke the CE application manager with their prepared CAB files and setup.ini. This application was created to save your time. To use the. Free download of CE AppManager invoker, size 0 b.

NetStreams newObjects 

Development \ ActiveX

Network communication ActiveX library based on WinSock 1.1, designed to work with newObjects ActiveX Pack1 to provide file-like techniques for network operations. Can be used in scripting and other environments to construct client and server applications. It is concentrated on (but not limited) TCP/IP and IRDA and provides easy to use flexible set. Freeware download of NetStreams, size 524.29 Kb.

ISAPI Redirector filter newObjects 

Internet \ Server

ISAPI Redirector filter is a compact application that is designed for redirecting requests sent to specific URLs to one or more webpage addresses called 'mirrors'. Another advantage is that you can give a ratio, called 'weight', that specifies how many requests are redirected to each mirror URL. This filter can be applied in order to. Free download of ISAPI Redirector filter, size 0 b.

ISAPI URL Mapper Filter newObjects 

Internet \ Server

ISAPI URL Mapper Filter is a filter that can work under Personal Web Server in order to provide you the ability to have more than one site. It identifies the different sites by their hostnames and maps all requests, connected with the given site, to a physical location on the server. There are two schemes of mapping (see below for. Free download of ISAPI URL Mapper Filter, size 0 b.

Time Synchronization service for Windows NT LAN New newObjects 

Internet \ Misc. Network

Time Synchronization service for Windows NT LAN is a compact application that runs as a service and allows you to have the same time on all the computers from the network. If you need synchronous time settings on all your NT machines on the LAN this simple service can be useful for you. It queries the server machine periodically and. Free download of Time Synchronization service for Windows NT LAN New, size 0 b.

ISAPI Authenticator 1.51 newObjects 

Internet \ Server

ISAPI Authenticator is a light version of custom authentication system for NT/IIS based WEB servers. It is an ISAPI filter that handles user accounts separate from NT security for the virtual sites on the server. This compact tool provides a good solution for companies that provide hosting services with virtual server support to their. Free download of ISAPI Authenticator 1.51, size 0 b.

Panic Remote Reboot Service for Microsoft Windows NT New newObjects 

Utilities \ Misc. Utils.

Panic Remote Reboot Service for Microsoft Windows NT is a lightweight application that allows you to configure your computer to restart by sending a certain code from a remote connection. You just need to copy the executable to your computer and configure the port and the code by using the command line. The instruction are located in the. Free download of Panic Remote Reboot Service for Microsoft Windows NT New, size 0 b.

newObjects Script Service 1.0 newObjects 

Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

newObjects Script Service is lightweigth application that is designed to help you write and execute Windows NT/2000 services in VBScript or JScript scripts. You have your script running. It receives calls to a procedure called "OnTimer" on configured intervals (up to this point this is simply a scheduler), but also any external. Free download of newObjects Script Service 1.0, size 0 b.

WHOIS Asynchronous Pluggable Protocol New newObjects 

Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

WHOIS Asynchronous Pluggable Protocol is a component designed for Internet Explorer and other applications capable of using asynchronous pluggable protocols. You will be able to make whois queries from the query line of the Internet Explorer browser or using links in HTML pages, or using shell shortcuts. It queries server and displays. Free download of WHOIS Asynchronous Pluggable Protocol New, size 0 b.

ISAPI Variable Parser filter 1.212 newObjects 

Internet \ Server

ISAPI Variable Parser filter is a handy tool that can help you process a given URL in order to transform it into an execution of a given script. The parameters are based on the given URL. URLs that should be processed are identified by a beginning part, called URL Idetificator, which does not take part in the formation of script. Free download of ISAPI Variable Parser filter 1.212, size 0 b.

ZmeY RRAS Enum component New newObjects 

Internet \ Server

ZmeY RRAS Enum component implements operations related to controling RAS access and control of the dial-in enabled ports on machines running Windows NT with Routing and RAS (RRAS). . Free download of ZmeY RRAS Enum component New, size 0 b.

Utility ActiveX Objects New newObjects 

Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

Utility ActiveX Objects is a package that allows you to manage data that is not natively supported by JScript or by VBScript. The component includes three ActiveX objects. Array Object allows the manipulation of existing and the creation of new arrays of any automation-compatible type. VBScript can handle only arrays of variants and. Free download of Utility ActiveX Objects New, size 0 b.

newObjects IE ScriptBar 1.1 newObjects 

Development \ Components and Libraries

With IE ScriptBar anyone with average script programming skills can create professional tool bands (toolbars) for Microsoft Internet Explorer. The rich run-time library and setup utility give you everything you need to complete an end-product. It is also possible to use VB or C++ (but in very simple manner) instead of scripting. Windows XP SP2. Free download of newObjects IE ScriptBar 1.1, size 734.00 Kb.

newObjects Active Local Pages 1 2 newObjects 


ALP exposes typical WEB programming interface (ASP, CGI etc.) but is not a WEB server. The programs for ALP run as desktop applications without need of WEB server or even network. It combines the desktop and WEB programming techniques in one. ALP ships with installer you can use to deploy your applications as well. Also it comes with ALPFrame. Free download of newObjects Active Local Pages 1 2, size 5.00 Mb.