Products of Nic Bedford

EMV Card Browser Nic Bedford 

Utilities \ File & Disk Management

For a little while now I have been working on a utility to allow you to query and view the contents of the chip on your Chip & PIN / EMV smart card. Id-deOaove been working in .net which meant lots of P/Invoke calls to the Microsoft Smartcard APId-deOaos to access the PC/SC reader hardware. There were a few samples out there and. Free download of EMV Card Browser, size 1.04 Mb.


System Restore Explorer Beta Nic Bedford 

Utilities \ Backup Tools

System Restore Explorer is a tool which allows you to browse system restore points on your computer and select individual ones for deletion should you wish to free up some disk space. It also allows you to mount the contents of a restore point into a folder so that you can browse and copy individual files, without the need to perform a full system. Free download of System Restore Explorer Beta, size 859.83 Kb.

Firefly WHS 0.0.2 Nic Bedford 

Internet \ Server

Firefly WHS is a Windows Home Server settings only add-in that does the same as the current Firefly system tray applet. This isn’t going to be massively functional (it’s just going to be a WHS. Freeware download of Firefly WHS 0.0.2, size 31.74 Kb.