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Stereoplacer for Windows 3.0.2 NuGen Audio 

Multimedia \ Audio Players

Adjust the position of percussion sounds in a stereo track, or add stereo positioning to mono samples, placing frequencies exactly where you want them. Stereoplacer gives you control that is simply not available within a traditional mix setup. Stereoplacer is an advanced fine-tune parametric balancing control. This allows you to tune. Free download of Stereoplacer for Windows 3.0.2, size 2.52 Mb.


VisLM 1 2 NuGen Audio 


The most fundamental question in audio production, how loud is it? Simple and yet elusive, with loudness inconsistency and incompatibilities present every day in broadcasts across the world. With detailed, objective loudness measurement, history and logging facilities, VisLM provides a simple, ITU, ATSC and EBU standard compliant* way. Free download of VisLM 1 2, size 5.16 Mb.

Stereoizer 3.0 NuGen Audio 


Stereoizer is a high-specification stereo image manipulation tool suitable for natural expansion, reduction and introduction of stereo width at any stage of the audio production process. Developed for and tested by professional audio engineers, Stereoizer adds natural sounding width and depth to any audio recording, mono or stereo,. Free download of Stereoizer 3.0, size 5.15 Mb.

Stereoplacer 2. 4. 2002 NuGen Audio 


The pan control has come of age. Now you can adjust the stereo balance where you want to. Gone are the days when making an improvement in one area causes problems with another - choose the frequencies you want to fix and move them, leaving the rest of the stereo image intact. Adjust the position of percussion sounds in a stereo track,. Freeware download of Stereoplacer 2. 4. 2002, size 3.63 Mb.

Monofilter 4.0 NuGen Audio 


Used and trusted by producers the world over, MONOFILTER grabs hold of your bass and secures it solidly within your mix. Intuitive controls allow you to quickly anchor the power, whilst retaining the essential character and perceived spatial characteristics. MONOFILTER brings back the centre of your bass, so easily lost through stereo effects. Free download of Monofilter 4.0, size 3.66 Mb.