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5x20 1.7 P. Schaafsma 

Mobile \ Games

You can place the letters horizontally or vertically in one round. You can always change your word during the same round. If your opponent also has finished this round, you can see the board of the opponent with the score and you will receive again new letters, of course each player the same letters. You can choose to play 5 or 10 rounds.


5x20 mini 1.6 P. Schaafsma 

Mobile \ Games

5X20 MINI game is specifically intended for those, who don't like the difficult letters, for people who want to learn the language and want to do that in a nice, sociable way in a competition. In the MINI versions words are made from the letters without c, q, y and x and with a nice distribution of vowels and consonants. The art is then of. Freeware download of 5x20 mini 1.6, size 11.74 Mb.