Products of Panopticum

Panopticum Curtains for Adobe After 1 2 Panopticum 


Panopticum Curtains is a set of plug-in modules designed to help you art up you video with eye-catching dynamic pieces of fabric that look perfectly real. Creating professional complex effects with pieces of fabric had never been that easy. Now you can create flags fluttering in the wind, gauzy curtains slightly trembling as in the breeze, or. Free download of Panopticum Curtains for Adobe After 1 2, size 1.51 Mb.


Panopticum Area Effects 1.0 Panopticum 


Panopticum Area FX consists of three filters: Area Transformer, Area Wipe and Area Filler. Area Transformer is a tool for applying identical effects for independent parts of image. Among available effects are geometric transformations (rotation, scaling, shearing), transparency, blurriness, glow and halo changing as well as others.

Panopticum Fire 2 5 Panopticum 


Panopticum Fire 3 - is an add-on module for Adobe After Effects (4.0 and earlier), and also for After Effects compatibles, such as Apple Final Cut Pro. Panopticum Fire 3 is designed for creating realistic effects of combustion. Structurally, our plugin is one module, which contains several different sets of fire effects. Our new product allows a. Free download of Panopticum Fire 2 5, size 91.24 Mb.