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IncrediMail Password Recovery 1.4.3 Passcape Software 

Security & Privacy \ Password Managers

If you would ever like to surprise your friend or acquaintance with a talking animated message, you should take a look at the IncrediMail. IncrediMail is surprisingly colorful program for creating animated e-mail messages. Probably, one of the best of a kind. Besides, it has one more unquestionable advantage: it is free.If you are lucky to have. Free download of IncrediMail Password Recovery 1.4.3, size 922.75 Kb.


Passcape Outlook Express Password 1.11.0 Passcape Software 

Security & Privacy \ Password Managers

Passcape Outlook Express Password Recovery is a program for recovering ALL types of Outlook Express saved passwords: SMTP, POP3, IMAP, NNTP, HTTPMAIL, LDAP, Identity passwords. account) and manual (extract passwords directly from Windows. Free download of Passcape Outlook Express Password 1.11.0, size 1.12 Mb.

Passcape Windows Password Recovery tool 3.0.2 Passcape Software 

Security & Privacy

For anyone seeking a truly remarkable Windows password recovery tool, making the right choice isn't exactly a breeze. Online software archives are crammed with all kinds of utilities offering instant recovery of Windows passwords of any length, but most of them are very basic and hardly ever offer acceptable efficiency. If you are looking for a. Free download of Passcape Windows Password Recovery tool 3.0.2, size 10.93 Mb.

Passcape Outlook Password Recovery Passcape Software 

Security & Privacy

Passcape Outlook Password Recovery is a program for recovering ALL types of Outlook passwords: SMTP, POP3, IMAP, HTTPMAIL, LDAP, Personal Folder (*.pst) passwords. An easy and user-friendly wizard interface supports several recovery modes: automatic (decrypt current user account passwords), manual (decrypt account passwords directly. Free download of Passcape Outlook Password Recovery, size 0 b.

Network Password Recovery Wizard Passcape Software 

Security & Privacy

Network Password Recovery Wizard is a useful and easy to use password recovery utility where you can choose between two recovery modes. NPRW can recover the following types of passwords: dialup (RAS), vpn, direct pc, LAN and Internet Explorer passwords for protected Web sites, .NET Passport accounts, other passwords stored by Windows. Free download of Network Password Recovery Wizard, size 0 b.

Windows Mail Password Recovery Passcape Software 

Utilities \ Misc. Utils.

Windows Mail is an e-mail/newsgroup client based on Outlook Express, included exclusively in Windows Vista. Windows Mail has a variety of new features designed to make your e-mail tasks more productive, while helping to reduce risks and annoyances such as phishing and junk e-mail. You don't have to worry if you forget your mailbox. Free download of Windows Mail Password Recovery, size 0 b.

Wireless Password Recovery 2.6.2 Passcape Software 

Security & Privacy

Wireless Password Recovery is a powerful tool providing you with a range of features which can help you to recover lost wireless networking passkeys and carry out security audits of your wireless network. The software offers more than ten powerful methods of recovering lost Wi-Fi network keys including support for several unique methods exclusive. Free download of Wireless Password Recovery 2.6.2, size 10.14 Mb.

TheBat! Password Recovery Passcape Software 

Security & Privacy

TheBat! Password Recovery is one of the best programs for receiving, sending and managing e-mail messages. It has a though-out and comfortable interface and a great variety of features. Special attention is paid to security issues. However, if you use this program and happen to forget the password to your favorite mailbox, you will not. Free download of TheBat! Password Recovery, size 0 b.

Eudora Password Recovery 1.6.4 Passcape Software 

Security & Privacy \ Password Managers

Eudora is one of the first e-mail clients that appeared at the very beginning of the Internet. As to its features, Eudora is ahead of almost all existing competitors. The support of several mail accounts, a lot of different filters, the support of several operating systems - all that is among its advantages. Eudora Password Recovery is a tool for. Free download of Eudora Password Recovery 1.6.4, size 933.23 Kb.

Passcape Win CD Keys 2.7.0 Passcape Software 

Security & Privacy \ Password Managers

This powerful utility can help you to extract and recover lost product (CD) keys (including Microsoft Windows, Office, etc.) You can choose one of the two recovery modes: automatic - recover CD keys of the current system; and manual - recover keys manually from Windows registry files. The program decryption algorithm was specially built to retrieve. Free download of Passcape Win CD Keys 2.7.0, size 859.83 Kb.

Mozilla Password Recovery Passcape Software 

Security & Privacy

Mozilla, Firefox and Thunderbird have comfortable password managers, but if you compare them to the Protected Storage of IE or WAND of Opera, the latter ones are more powerful and functional. With Mozilla Password Recovery you can. Free download of Mozilla Password Recovery, size 0 b.

Passcape ISO Burner 1.3.0 Passcape Software 

Multimedia \ CD/DVD Tools

Passcape ISO Burner is an advanced solution that enables even inexperienced users to create bootable CD, DVD or USB disks from ISO images quickly and conveniently. Its wizard-driven interface is clear and simple, so that the program is easy to master without any difficulties. But the most remarkable thing about Passcape ISO Burner is that it is. Freeware download of Passcape ISO Burner 1.3.0, size 321.22 Kb.