Products of PC Pitstop LLC

PC Matic Home Security 1.0 PC Pitstop LLC 

Security & Privacy \ Anti-Virus Tools

PC Matic Home Security has taken all of the security features of PC Matic and placed them in a single package. First, PC Matic Home Security has Vipre, one of the top anti virus engines in the nation as recognized by industry associations such as VB100. Next, we included Super Shield white list real time protection. Our white list approach blocks. Freeware download of PC Matic Home Security 1.0, size 4.08 Mb.


PC Pitstop PC Magnum PC Pitstop LLC 

Utilities \ Misc. Utils.

PC Pitstop PC Magnum protects your privacy by removing personal information and internet history stored on your computer. Automate the cleaning process and never worry about your PC privacy again. Keep what you do on your computer to yourself, get protected from identity theft and snooping now with PC Pitstop PC Magnum.. Free download of PC Pitstop PC Magnum, size 1.46 Mb.

PC Matic PC Pitstop LLC 


PC Matic integrates several modules in one program for enhancing your system. This program achieves this by scanning your system for disk fragmentation, malware, invalid or orphan registry entries, unwanted files, outdated drivers, programs running at startup and security threats. It will also run benchmarks to evaluate the performance. Free download of PC Matic, size 1.46 Mb.

PC Pitstop Driver Alert 2.0 PC Pitstop LLC 


PC Pitstop Driver Alert checks if your system has the ultimate drivers. The drivers are the basic software that allow the applications to interact with your hardware. They are frequently updated to eliminate bugs and add new features.. Freeware download of PC Pitstop Driver Alert 2.0, size 48.46 Mb.

PC Pitstop Optimize2 PC Pitstop LLC 


PC Pitstop Optimize2 is an utility to improve your PC´s performance. It looks for Junk Files (Temporary Files, Recycle Bin, Internet Cache), checks your Internet Settings (HTTP, TCP/IP, IE, Firefox),. Free download of PC Pitstop Optimize2, size 46.88 Mb.

PC Pitstop Disk MD 3.0 PC Pitstop LLC 


PC Pitstop Disk MD is a software that allows you to scan your computer for problems.Disk MD will walk you through each step to squeeze the most performance out of your system.To maximize the performance improvement from disk defragmentation, one must do more than run a disk defragger on a semi periodic basis. Free download of PC Pitstop Disk MD 3.0, size 72.02 Mb.

PC Pitstop Erase PC Pitstop LLC 

Security & Privacy

There are tons of useful information such as browser history or cookies and the user often wishes to keep them. However at the same time there are certain things like personal bank transactions, etc., which must be kept private and to attain such important functional features, PC Pitspot Erase is a good program. The application also. Free download of PC Pitstop Erase, size 1.13 Mb.