Products of Peter Katreniak

AVI Repair Tool New Peter Katreniak 

Multimedia \ Misc. Audio

AVI Repair Tool is a handy application that allows you to repair the header of an AVI file that has been corrupted. The header of a captured AVI file might be corrupted if the process is interrupted by a hardware malfunction. Instead of loosing the content of the file and restarting the capture you can simple use this program to open the. Free download of AVI Repair Tool New, size 0 b.


ArtiStar Peter Katreniak 

Multimedia \ Misc. Graphics

ArtiStar is a lightweight program designed to watch astronomy images and to simulate stars or nebulae. The application can open most of the popular image files such as JPG, BMP or GIF. It can also extract the image from AVI files and icon files. The user can adjust the position of the image with the cursor keys and reset the image by. Free download of ArtiStar, size 0 b.

K3CCDTools Peter Katreniak 


K3CCDTools is a Windows application dedicated for astro-imaging.It includes video-capturing (supporting wide range of video capture devices), auto-guiding and frame aligning and stacking / summing.It also provides simple image post-processing.The software is free to try.. Free download of K3CCDTools, size 2.73 Mb.