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VPN Lifeguard 1.4.13 philippe734 

Internet \ Server

Designed as a small and Open Source piece of software, VPN Lifeguard can be used to protect the PC when a VPN disconnects. VPN Lifeguard prevents unsecured connections after your VPN connection goes down and reloads applications when. Freeware download of VPN Lifeguard 1.4.13, size 0 b.


Send2myPC with Dropbox 1.0.31 philippe734 

Internet \ Misc. Network

Send2myPC run on your PC at home. From another device connected to Dropbox, send the link of the file to download in your Dropbox. This link is a file type URL - as MyVideo.url - very small containing the Internet address of the download. On your PC - that must remain ON - Send2myPC initiate the download at the onset of a fichier.URL in your. Freeware download of Send2myPC with Dropbox 1.0.31, size 0 b.

Encoding Notifier 1.0.17 philippe734 

Desktop \ Desktop Tools

Encoding Notifier is a very lightweight utility that was designed to keep you posted when a conversion started by HandBrake is complete. The program doesn't have to run at all times, its runtime will be controlled by HandBrake and as soon as the encoding is done, Encoding Notifier will appear in the system tray to announce the completion. Freeware download of Encoding Notifier 1.0.17, size 0 b.