Products of Productive Computing, Inc

eSign Signature Capture Productive Computing, Inc 

Home & Personal

The eSign Signature Capture plug-in allows FileMaker Pro to capture signatures and bind them to information stored in your database. New technologies allow devices to capture biometric signature information that is unique to the person signing. This biometric information is used by analysts to determine ownership of the signature. Using. Free download of eSign Signature Capture, size 0 b.


Biometric Fingerprint Reader Productive Computing, Inc 

Security & Privacy

Biometric Fingerprint Reader is a FileMaker plug-in that allows the application to recognize individual users by using the fingerprint information. The plug-in uses the fingerprint recognition technology in order to restrict the access to important files. The plug-in can be used in any situation when maximum security is required since. Free download of Biometric Fingerprint Reader, size 0 b.

OrgPlanner Productive Computing, Inc 

Business \ Misc. Inf. Tools

After filling out the information in this software solution, you will have effectively written both a job description and a procedures manual for every position in. Free download of OrgPlanner, size 21.83 Mb.

Core3 Productive Computing, Inc 

Home & Personal

Core3 is a powerful application designed to help you manage the contact information that are essential to your business. The program can also store business opportunities, estimates and invoices for the on-going projects. Although the main goal of the program is to manage contact information you can also use it to view the sales leads. Free download of Core3, size 0 b.

Change Printer Plug-in Productive Computing, Inc 


Change Printer Plug-in allows users to automate changing printer drivers within scripts. It can be used to coordinate large and complex print procedures and switch between various types of printers/drivers such as: inkjet, laser, label, PDF and WinFax. The plug-in will also return the FileMaker Pro default printer for future reference.. Free download of Change Printer Plug-in, size 0 b.

eMail Marketing Connector Productive Computing, Inc 

Home & Personal

The eMail Marketing Connector is a tool used to bidirectionally exchange data between FileMaker and Constant Contact. Now you can import, add, update and remove contacts or lists between FileMaker and Constant Contact allowing you to effectively manage your eMail Marketing. These operations are accomplished using FileMaker function calls. Free download of eMail Marketing Connector, size 0 b.

PDF Manipulator Productive Computing, Inc 


The PDF Manipulator plug-in offers functions that support inter-application communication between FileMaker and Adobe Acrobat. The basic operation of the plug-in is to offer the FileMaker user access to the contents of a PDF file. With the plug-in FileMaker users are able to ‘push’ and ‘pull’ information to. Free download of PDF Manipulator, size 0 b.

Outlook SendMail Productive Computing, Inc 

Internet \ Misc. Internet

This simple e-mail utility program allows FileMaker Pro to send plain text or HTML formatted e-mails with multiple attachments through Microsoft Outlook while suppressing the Outlook security dialog. Using Outlook SendMail Plug-in you can pull attachments directly from a FileMaker container field. The attachment can also be located on. Free download of Outlook SendMail, size 0 b.