Products of Program World Services (PWS)

DataBase Pro 2.5 Program World Services (PWS) 

Business \ Information Database

Professional Programmable Database Ver. 2.5A, 2.1 Million Record Capacity., Record Size Average: 2.6KB Per Record ,(5-400Byte/TB, 4-25 Byte/TB. 10-20 Byte/ TB),Search Rate: 2000 / Records / Second, Database Type: Binary Random Access, Can Create Unlimited Databases. 6 Programmable Different Field Sets, Selectable Fonts and Colors, Completely. Free download of DataBase Pro 2.5, size 3.27 Kb.


WeatherMasterPro 1.5 Program World Services (PWS) 

Education \ Science

WeatherMasterPro Prorofessional Weather Guide 500+ Options 1000's of maps, WX Stations, forcasts, Reports on Weather, Avaition, Radar, Volcanos, Quakes, Alerts, Warning, Fronts, Snow, road conditions, Agencies, Temperature, Access to 1000's of Satellite images around the world, Space Agencies and activities, Lanches, Lunar events, Warnings, Meters. Free download of WeatherMasterPro 1.5, size 3.07 Kb.

KaleidoscopePro Kaleidoscope Software 2.0 Program World Services (PWS) 

Multimedia \ Misc. Multimedia Tools

A Kaleidoscope Software with Freeze / Resume / Capture, will Save any Image Generated, 10 Speeds / 10 Complexities plus more. Generates beautiful full screen very high Res images with 16.7 million colors. Images allways different.. Free download of KaleidoscopePro Kaleidoscope Software 2.0, size 1.02 Kb.