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Failure Data Portal 1.0 

Business \ Misc. Inf. Tools

Failure Data Portal (FDP) is a flexible ebusiness transaction system for companies who do equipment or unit repairs and want to track and control the repair process. Customers can enter and track an Repair(RMA) over the web. Java,Ubuntu,Tomcat. Customer on line repair order (RMA) submission and tracking, Customer self service over the. Freeware download of Failure Data Portal 1.0, size 0 b.


Order Portal 1.0 

Business \ Applications

Order Portal is a full Web Application Order/eCommerce/CMS Portal. Designed for easy administration, configuration and modification. Can be integrated with legacy systems as a web front end. Easy to use, Easy to Install.Java,Ubuntu,Tomcat.July 2010. Freeware download of Order Portal 1.0, size 64.61 Mb.

Information Portal 1.0 

Business \ Project Management

Infoportal is a real time reporting tool.Key business indicators presented in a web browser with drill down to detailed information.Info Portal for Sales Portal & Order Portal are available.Easy to use & Install. Java,Ubuntu, Tomcat Sept 2010. Freeware download of Information Portal 1.0, size 39.79 Mb.

Financial Portal 1.2.0 

Business \ Applications

Financial Portal is a flexible ebusiness transaction and accounting web application system (Order Entry, Inventory, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Purchasing, General Ledger, Information Portal,ERP) July2010 merged into Randr Rental Portal. Freeware download of Financial Portal 1.2.0, size 140.67 Mb.

Sales Portal 1.0 

Business \ Scheduling

Web Sales tool for Businesses and Salesman who do not want or need a traditional CRM package.Manage prospects and customers throughout the sales cycle from your desktop,laptop,or mobile phone. Easy to use & install.Java,Tomcat,Ubuntu.Sept 2010. Freeware download of Sales Portal 1.0, size 51.14 Mb.

Rental Portal 1.0 

Business \ Scheduling

Rental Portal is a flexible ebusiness Rental(for Hire) web transaction system with Complex Ordering,Equipment Maintenance,scheduling, financial and accounting,ERP. For Equipment and Rental Cos.Easy to use, Install.Java,Ubuntu,Tomcat July 2010. Freeware download of Rental Portal 1.0, size 87.47 Mb.

Order Entry Portal 1.0.0 

Business \ Applications

Order Entry Portal (OEP) is a flexible ebusiness web transaction system with Complex Ordering, Maintenance,scheduling, full financial and accounting, Infoportal. July 2010 OEP has been merged with the Randr Rental Portal.. Freeware download of Order Entry Portal 1.0.0, size 87.00 Mb.

Warehouse Management Portal for iSeries/ 1.0 

Business \ Applications

Warehouse Management Portal for iSeries/AS400 provides RF inventory and warehouse control-receiving, put away, pick, ship, and physical inventory. Written in RPGLE for JD Edwards, DMAS and VAI System 2000. Includes Information Portal for Web reporting.. Freeware download of Warehouse Management Portal for iSeries/ 1.0, size 54.08 Mb.

Data Migration Portal 1.0 

Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

Datamigration Portal is a simple,flexible data gateway (messaging) Designed as the primary interface between the Sales Portal and Order Portal (CSV, XML) Has EDI components. Is flexible, ease to modify and extend. Java,Ubuntu,Tomcat., July 2010. Freeware download of Data Migration Portal 1.0, size 27.17 Mb.