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esProc Standard Raqsoft 

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esProc is a business computing software, which is professional in Big Data computation with high performance and simplifying complex data computation, reducing cost of software and hardware as well as management expenses and enhancing the computation development efficiency of Java programs and reports. According to different situations, esProc has. Free download of esProc Standard, size 64.81 Mb.


esProc Desktop 2012 Raqsoft 


esProc Desktop is easy-to-use business computing desktop tool specialized in solving complex computing objects. It fits for business users with technical experiences.Its cell-style scripts allow complex business computing objects to be divided into small objects in the grids for solving final objects. Its syntax is easy to use and understand with. Free download of esProc Desktop 2012, size 54.03 Mb.

esProc 2012 Developer Raqsoft 


esProc Dev is designed for data computing, especially for complex structured data such as database, Excel and Txt. It has more visual coding process, higher development efficiency, lower error rates and easier maintenance. It has perfect help system, debugging capability, as well as coding for real-time execution. Its syntax system is agile and. Free download of esProc 2012 Developer, size 54.03 Mb.