Products of Rekenwonder Software

Stream Explorer 1.0.4 Rekenwonder Software 


Stream Explorer version 1.0.3 is a utility that identifies streams in your NTFS files. It has been developed with from the keen knowledge of Jürgen Gärtner. If you are less familiar with the concept of streams, here is the short of it. Streams are the ‘strands’ in files, mostly on standard Windows. Freeware download of Stream Explorer 1.0.4, size 63.44 Mb.


HTML Splitter 1 5 Rekenwonder Software 

Utilities \ File & Disk Management

HTML Splitter is a little utility that helps you putlarge documents on the Internet (or into HTML format).This is done by splitting each document into smallerHTML documents, and by linking these documentstogether.A lot of documents are asking to be published on the Internet.But when large documents are directly converted to the HTML format, the. Freeware download of HTML Splitter 1 5, size 87.30 Mb.

Dara 1 1 Rekenwonder Software 


Dara is an African board game for two players, who are sitting opposite to each other. You can play against a friend or against the. Freeware download of Dara 1 1, size 59.68 Mb.

Junction Link Magic 2.0.3 Rekenwonder Software 


Junction Link Magic lets you create and manage NTFS junction points in a fast and easy way. Junction Link Magic automatically lists existing junction points, and it offers you an easy interface to add, modify or remove the already existing junction points.. Freeware download of Junction Link Magic 2.0.3, size 3.49 Mb.

Mouse Trainer 1. 2. 2012 Rekenwonder Software 


Mouse Trainer is a simple tutorial to help novices use a mouse freely. With Mouse Trainer you will learn why it is so convenient to utilize the mouse instead of the keyboard. The tutorial includes different activities' descriptions and trainings, you can utilize the mouse or the keyboard to go back and forward, so if you need to practice some. Freeware download of Mouse Trainer 1. 2. 2012, size 95.31 Mb.