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Papara Tata 1.0 RenegadeWare 

Games \ Puzzle

HOW TO PLAY The goal in Papara Tata is to connect 3 or more blocks of similar appearance. Once connected, the blocks will explode. There are 4 basic block types, each with an opposite side. You can flip the falling block's side by pressing the 'FLIP' button. On the left side of the board is the POW panel with 3 blocks. Destroying. Free download of Papara Tata 1.0, size 2.60 Mb.


Ta-Ta Mahatta 1 5 RenegadeWare 


In Ta-Ta Mahatta, the player is the brain behind the Ta-Tas to vanquish the Fungi Colony. The player will start off on the cloud. The cloud is where the player can choose to play a level or hang around and do interesting activities. The player can choose to play a level by entering the mysterious ‘Level Select’. Freeware download of Ta-Ta Mahatta 1 5, size 38.41 Mb.