Products of Rockland Software Productions

Dominoker 1.2 Rockland Software Productions 

Games \ Puzzle

Dominoker is a puzzle game that uses dominos. Flip dominos to form poker hands and score points. Dominoker features lots of graphics and relaxing background music. Version 1.2 features three strikes to end a game, improved loading and displaying of bitmaps, 640x480 support, and improved help. . Free download of Dominoker 1.2, size 2.05 Mb.


Cybertank 1.1 Rockland Software Productions 

Games \ 3D Action

Cybertank is a gravtank simulator for the Windows / PC platform. In Cybertank, you slip into the cockpit of a futuristic hover tank. Battle enemy forces over five campaigns and 86 missions. Command squads of tanks in large scale operations. Win prestiege for your performance in combat. Use your prestige to increase your squad size, and upgrade. Free download of Cybertank 1.1, size 11.26 Mb.