Products of RoMac Software

RoMac 10 Band Equalizer RoMac Software 


The RoMac 10 Band Graphic Equalizer coupled with your present computer's soundcard, affords you the finest Windows based digital equalizer made for the Amateur Radio community. The RoMac 10 Band Equalizer is like. Free download of RoMac 10 Band Equalizer, size 8.76 Mb.


RoMac Digital Distortion Meter 2. 3. 2000 RoMac Software 


The RoMac Digital Audio Distortion Meter is simple to use. With it's "Auto Lock" feature enabled, the software will automatically lock on the test frequency signal and start calculating the distortion levels. The RoMac Digital Audio. Free download of RoMac Digital Distortion Meter 2. 3. 2000, size 6.20 Mb.

RoMac Cw Identifier & Pulser 3 4 RoMac Software 


RoMac Software's Automatic CW identifier and Tuning Pulser utilizes your present computer's sound card to automatically send your callsign at preset intervals, to insure your stations compliance with FCC regulations. Also incorporated is a Tuning Pulser aka Pecker, to aid in reducing stress and heat while tuning your amplifier, antenna. Free download of RoMac Cw Identifier & Pulser 3 4, size 7.15 Mb.

RoMac Sound Card Manager 3 1 RoMac Software 


RoMac Sound Card Management allows you you set up each of your programs that use a sound with its own individual levels for a sound card, and then launch the program. When you quit the selected program, the RoMac Sound Card Management utility will return all the sound card levels back to normal. A simple right click on the Sound Card. Freeware download of RoMac Sound Card Manager 3 1, size 2.56 Mb.