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PDF N-UP Maker New RubyPdf Technologies 


PDF N-UP Maker is a simple to use command line utility to help you with the creation of booklets. -m (margin): outer margin. Free download of PDF N-UP Maker New, size 0 b.


Pdf Cropper 0.1 RubyPdf Technologies 


PDF Cropper takes a PDF file as input, calculates the BoundingBox for each page by the help of ghostscript and generates a output PDF file with removed margins. . Free download of Pdf Cropper 0.1, size 0 b.

XPS Viewer EP 1.0 Build 1.0.6000.16438 RubyPdf Technologies 


Portable XPS Viewer bases on Microsoft XML Paper Specification Essentials Pack (XPSEP or XPS Essentials Pack). It contains XPS Viewer EP to read XPS Documents and the Microsoft XPS Document Writer to output files to the XPS Document. Free download of XPS Viewer EP 1.0 Build 1.0.6000.16438, size 0 b.

PDF Timestamp Signer New RubyPdf Technologies 


PDF Timestamp Signer is a command line utility that will help you add a time-stamp to your PDF file. . Free download of PDF Timestamp Signer New, size 0 b.

ComparePdf 1.0 RubyPdf Technologies 


ComparePdf is a command line utility for comparing two PDF files. By default it compares their texts but it can also compare them visually (e.g., to detect changes in diagrams, images, fonts, and layout). It should prove useful for automated testing. -c. Free download of ComparePdf 1.0, size 0 b.

PDF2PPT-Acrobat Free 0.1 RubyPdf Technologies 


PDF2PPT-Acrobat Free creates PowerPoint documents out of PDF files without the use of Adobe Acrobat. . Free download of PDF2PPT-Acrobat Free 0.1, size 0 b.

PdfSelect 1.1 RubyPdf Technologies 


PdfSelect is a useful command line utility designed to help you extract, split or reverse PDF files. Extract given pages and reverse it:pdfselect -r -p 5,2-3,8-7 c:\a.pdf. Free download of PdfSelect 1.1, size 0 b.

PdfRotate 0.3 RubyPdf Technologies 


PdfRotate is a command line utility that will help you rotate PDF files using simple commands. . Free download of PdfRotate 0.3, size 0 b.

DiffPDF 1. 5. 2001 RubyPdf Technologies 

Business \ Misc. Inf. Tools

DiffPDF is used to compare two PDF files—textually or visually, is developed by Mark Summerfield, he said “In theory DiffPDF could be built on Windows, but I haven’t managed to do it, so no Windows executable is available. The problem is that I don’t know how to build the Poppler library on Windows (apparently it. Freeware download of DiffPDF 1. 5. 2001, size 4.93 Mb.