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Paintwar 4 1 Satansam 

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Now then! Paintwar Crossfire is its name and paintballing is its game! This is a very small game here folks, made in about a week during xmas 2002 and inspired by the Tony Hawks series. in PW4 you start off fighting with very low stats, but if you succeed and gain skills you get points! Points can be spent upgrading your soldiers stats and buying. Freeware download of Paintwar 4 1, size 1.89 Mb.


Samurai Mk2 1 Satansam 

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Samurai is a unique fighting game based on the ancient samurai balance of Wisdom (Strategy) and Speed (Reaction). All the worlds Samurai-class fighters have been gathered in a hotel somewhere in the north-west of England, 13 miles north of Manchester. However due to problems with the postal service only a number of invitations arrived, thus. Freeware download of Samurai Mk2 1, size 4.73 Mb.

Catalyst Sigma 1 Satansam 

Games \ Action

Based on a game I made many years back, Catalyst Sigma follows the game style of Catalyst (2000). Its a very basic game which was inspired by a number of classic Sinclair Spectrum games; you control a ship that can only move in 2 directions, but always slightly moves in one direction with objects hurdling towards you. CS is a pretty small but crazy. Freeware download of Catalyst Sigma 1, size 1.63 Mb.