Products of SCADA Engine

BACnet OPC Server 2.0 SCADA Engine 

Internet \ Server

The SCADA Engine BACnet OPC Server is a server that provides data access (DA), Alarms and Events (AE), and Historical Data Access (HDA) between OPC clients and BACnet-compliant devices.Reading and writing to all BACnet properties is supported. This makes it possible to configure the On/Off times in BACnet Time Schedules and many other advanced. Free download of BACnet OPC Server 2.0, size 3.62 Mb.


BACnet Device Simulator 2.0.9 SCADA Engine 


The SCADA Engine BACnet Device Simulator provides creating and simulating BACnet Devices and Objects to test the functionality of the BACnet network. - Supports all standard BACnet Objects and. Freeware download of BACnet Device Simulator 2.0.9, size 3.62 Mb.

SCADA Engine BACnet Operator 1.0.0076 SCADA Engine 


The BACnet Management Station is a Windows based application for Windows NT/2000/XP designed to communicate with a BACnet network. . The Workstation supports Displays/Alarms and Time Schedules and provides a Windows based view of the BACnet network. To the left of the screen is a Tree View, which is used to navigate through the system.. Free download of SCADA Engine BACnet Operator 1.0.0076, size 25.52 Mb.

BACnet Web Service 1.0 SCADA Engine 

Web Development

The SCADA Engine BACnet Web Service provides a means to integrate building automation and control systems with other enterprise computing applications using SOAP/XML technologies. This allows Platforms such as Microsoft .Net or Java to access real time data from a building automation system.. Free download of BACnet Web Service 1.0, size 3.62 Mb.

BACnet OPC Client 2.0 SCADA Engine 

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This software will read from an OPC compliant Server and store the information into BACnet Objects stored locally inside the BACnet Server. The BACnet Objects can be read from any BACnet complient device on the network.An Explorer style interface allows BACnet properties to be easily configured as OPC tags.BACnet local objects can be configured,. Free download of BACnet OPC Client 2.0, size 6.68 Mb.