Products of Segobit Software

Password Generator PPC 1.12 Segobit Software 

Security & Privacy

Password Generator PPC allows to generate secure passwords. . Free download of Password Generator PPC 1.12, size 52.43 Kb.


Numecon 1.8 Segobit Software 

Education \ Science

Numecon is Computer Numerical Control interpreter.Software is designed for driving lathes, mills, routers, lasers or other machines.Convert your standard PC into computer numerical control system.. Free download of Numecon 1.8, size 778.24 Kb.

Random Geometric Shapes 1.00 Segobit Software 

Desktop \ Screen Savers

Screensaver randomly draws geometric shapes and fills by using Program also shows you some information about which applications and

Advanced Text Storage 1.03 Segobit Software 

Business \ Office Tools

Advanced Text Storage is a Windows based application designed to store, edit and reuse frequently-used text, which can be transferred between the program and Windows Clipboard. Advanced Text Storage is a simple utility that will help you avoid typing the same text over and over again and make it easy to fill out forms or documents, insert. Free download of Advanced Text Storage 1.03, size 173.66 Kb.

Actions Monitor 1.02 Segobit Software 

Utilities \ Security

Actions Monitor is a Win32 application that monitors, display and save all file system activity on a system.Program shows you which applications and processes have opened or loaded.Actions Monitor records all file system actions whichhas been executed and allow to save it to text file for further analysis. Program also shows you some information. Free download of Actions Monitor 1.02, size 169.98 Kb.

Analog Clock Scr 1.04 Segobit Software 

Desktop \ Screen Savers

This screen saver shows an analog clock.Screensaver shows analog clock.Screensaver has alarms.You can specify the time when the alarm should be running.Analog Clock Scr can show messages with your text.Using this screensaver you can run applications and documents automatically.Also Analog Clock Scr can shutdown computer at specified time.. Free download of Analog Clock Scr 1.04, size 181.25 Kb.

Advanced Directory Printer 1.42 Segobit Software 

Utilities \ Misc. Utils.

Advanced Directory Printer is a Windows based application designed to print or export a list of directories, sudirectories and files.Information fields include file name, type, extension, size, creation time / date, last access date, last write time / date and file attributes -- and you can choose which fields to print or export.Advanced Directory. Free download of Advanced Directory Printer 1.42, size 357.38 Kb.

Invisible Launcher 1.01 Segobit Software 

Desktop \ Desktop Tools

Invisible Launcher is a configurable program designed to provide a fast way for organizing and starting up your applications and for opening the folders, shortcuts and documents which you frequently access. When Invisible Launcher is not in use it is invisible and does not take up the the valuable place on your space. When you move your mouse to. Free download of Invisible Launcher 1.01, size 143.36 Kb.

Network Inventory Reporter 1.28 Segobit Software 

Internet \ Misc. Internet

Network Inventory Reporter is a Administrator solution management software that collects and reports network hardware, software, program groups, and programs for all network computers.Network Administrators can inventory the entire network assets without the need to install any client side or other programs on remote machines. The Network Inventory. Free download of Network Inventory Reporter 1.28, size 713.73 Kb.

Random Number Generator PPC 1.14 Segobit Software 

Education \ Mathmatics

Random Number Generator PPC is a Windows Mobile based software that produces sequences of random numbers.Program can exclude digits and numbers from generated random sequences.User can save results to a text file.Generated random numbers can be positive or negative.. Free download of Random Number Generator PPC 1.14, size 43.01 Kb.