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Quickstart Family Tree 1.0 Selectsoft Publishing 

Home & Personal

Getting started on your family tree project might be a bit overwhelming, but not with this program! Quickstart Family Tree makes it simple to gather information on your ancestors, enter information on your descendants, add visuals, and print detailed reports. Organize both your past and present family history to pass on your treasured legacy for. Free download of Quickstart Family Tree 1.0, size 6.26 Mb.


Easy Horseback Riding For Intermediate 1.0 Selectsoft Publishing 

Home & Personal

Riders at all skill levels can benefit from the experience of expert trainer and instructor Leonie Baker as she shows you the right way to workout with your horse. Follow along with step-by-step personal lessons to improve your form and discover training techniques to make your horse stronger and more responsive. Explore such useful topics as Horse. Free download of Easy Horseback Riding For Intermediate 1.0, size 98.71 Mb.

2002 Pentamino Puzzles Selectsoft Publishing 


2002 Pentamino Puzzles is a classic puzzle game. The pieces can be rotated and flipped. All the pieces. Free download of 2002 Pentamino Puzzles, size 0 b.

1001 Minigolf Challenge Selectsoft Publishing 


1001 Minigolf Challenge is a mini golf game by Selectsoft. The game takes you through over a thousand holes in a variety of golf courses. It is a 3D game which has OK-looking textures and detail. The controls are fairly simple. You control your shots using just the mouse. Moving it left and right, and up and down controls the direction. Free download of 1001 Minigolf Challenge, size 0 b.

Wacky Bird Hunter Selectsoft Publishing 


Can you save the earth from a zany invasion of wacky birds? They're everywhere—behind clouds, in bushes and zigzagging all over the place! Shoot 'til you drop and laugh out loud at the colorful and funny animations. This outrageously entertaining game is sure to keep you in stitches! -. Free download of Wacky Bird Hunter, size 9.06 Mb.

Bible Crosswords 1.0 Selectsoft Publishing 

Home & Personal

With this game, you can enjoy hundreds of Bible-themed fill-in crosswords, based on the people, places and stories of the Bible! You can exercise your memory and knowledge about the Bible, its people and its stories and have fun in the process. It is a game that children and grownups can enjoy.. Free download of Bible Crosswords 1.0, size 0 b.

Kids' Sudoku Selectsoft Publishing 


Kids' Sudoku is a game specially designed for kids aged four to ten; it will help them develop intelligence and concentration. The game board is a simple table with a four horizontal rows and four vertical columns, a 4 by 4 box divided into four 2 by 2 boxes. The goal of the game is to fill in all the boxes with numbers from one to four, so. Free download of Kids' Sudoku, size 8.04 Mb.

Monster Truck Stunt Rally Selectsoft Publishing 


With Monster Truck Stunt Rally there are no boundaries. Tear up tracks filled with obstacles and ramps or create your own courses to challenge your friends. With hyper realistic driving and precisely tuned physics and dynamics you'll experience spectacular stunts and crashes like never before. Use the interactive cameras to choose the best. Free download of Monster Truck Stunt Rally, size 0 b.

Toy Tanks Selectsoft Publishing 


You are the commander of a toy tank brigade. Your mission? Destroy all enemy tanks and protect your headquarters! Challenge a multitude of hostile tanks and vehicles as you travel into enemy territory. Search for bonus objects and upgrades that will earn you rockets, larger guns and additional speed. Use the cover of buildings and hills to. Free download of Toy Tanks, size 48.86 Mb.

Extreme Taxi USA Selectsoft Publishing 


Run a wild race through Megacity’s streets in pursuit of fame, fortune, and the title of Taxi King. Hundreds of passengers are waiting for you to take them to their destinations. Try to discover shortcuts, earn bonuses for skillful stunts, and evade the oncoming traffic in crowded thoroughfares. The game features 3D graphics and a variety. Free download of Extreme Taxi USA, size 0 b.

EuroRace 4x4 Selectsoft Publishing 


Feel the power of 11 different 4x4 cars as you hurtle through a wild race across Europe. Speed through 10 international tracks, with forward, inverse and mirror settings. Enjoy special FX like smoke, fire, skid marks, lens flare, reflections and highly detailed car models as you challenge up to 7 other players for prize money to buy bigger and. Free download of EuroRace 4x4, size 0 b.

Texas Holdem Real Limit Edition Selectsoft Publishing 


To win Texas Hold’em Limit games, you need a different playing style than you would use to play No Limit games. Designed especially to increase your skill at Limit Hold’em, Texas Hold’em Real Limit Edition’s extensive features make it the most realistic simulation you’ll ever play! And,. Freeware download of Texas Holdem Real Limit Edition, size 2.35 Mb.

Quickstart Photo Montage Studio 1.0 Selectsoft Publishing 


Transform your photos into professional-looking montages with Quickstart Photo Montage Studio. This unique software uses hundreds of mini-size photos as "tiles" to recreate your favorite digital photo into one great masterpiece. Turn memorable moments into priceless keepsakes, create montages to showcase your company's products or. Free download of Quickstart Photo Montage Studio 1.0, size 0 b.

Crazy Island Selectsoft Publishing 


The storm appeared suddenly, tossing Robin's ship against sharp cliffs. Shipwrecked and lucky to be alive, he finds himself on the beach of a mysterious island inhabited by strange friends...and enemies. Now, to find a way home, he must explore, make allies and master the mysteries of his new surroundings. Crazy Island offers a unique mix of. Free download of Crazy Island, size 228.59 Mb.

Strike! Bowling Selectsoft Publishing 


Join in the fun with Strike. Bowling and enjoy a completely new and wacky way to bowl. Choose a cool 3D character and one of the 4 modes of play: Open Bowling, Tournament Mode, Player versus Player, and Player versus Computer. Then pick a location among the many zany themed bowling alleys, including a graveyard, a western town, a jungle and more.. Free download of Strike! Bowling, size 0 b.