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AWOS Map 3.3 Shaste Software 

Mobile \ Weather

AWOS Map displays Automated Weather Observation Stations in the United States within a specified radius of any US airport or your current location (US Only). You can enter airports using FAA or ICAO codes. When you select an AWOS pin, the AWOS frequency, telephone number and distance are displayed. Pressing the blue telephone will call the AWOS.. Freeware download of AWOS Map 3.3, size 12.16 Mb.


LatLongCalc 1.1 Shaste Software 

Mobile \ Utilities

Convert any Latitude or Longitude to or from any of the following formats: Signed Degress (-122.12345), Deg Mins Secs + Compass Direction (122 07 24.42 S), or Deg Decimal-Mins (122 07.407 S). Also, enter any US Zip code and returns Latitude/Longitude for that zip code.. Free download of LatLongCalc 1.1, size 209.72 Kb.