Products of Silurian Software

InspectExe 3 2 Silurian Software 


InspectExe lets you explore and diagnose problems with Win32 applications. It is integrated directly into the Windows Explorer and adds as a set of extra pages in the Properties sheet for the selected executable file. Look at the screen shots atthe bottom of this page to see examples of the information it displays.. Freeware download of InspectExe 3 2, size 64.75 Mb.


Sudoku Dragon Silurian Software 


Sudoku Dragon is a Sudoku puzzle solver that has many useful features to help puzzle solvers of all levels of experience. It gives a wide range of types of hints and suggestions on how to solve the puzzle. Ranging from checking allocation to revealing (briefly) the full solution. It has a range of features for both new commers and experts.. Free download of Sudoku Dragon, size 1.77 Mb.

Site Vigil 63 Silurian Software 

Internet \ Server

Site VigilOao is a sophisticated web site monitoring tool that checks access to pages, unexpected surges or lulls in visitor traffic to your web site. Analyse error reports, keywords and search phrases, page hits recorded by your web server. Check Search engine position for a range of keywords. Check all links and pages and the position on all. Free download of Site Vigil 63, size 2.59 Mb.

DiskSpaceChart 2.3.1 Silurian Software 

Utilities \ Misc. Utils.

DiskSpaceChart allows you to quickly and easily work out disk space utilisation.This small utility helps you work out where all your disk space has gone. Ever wondered how much space is taken up by your 'Windows' folder. Now you can do just that without using a calculator ! (#) Shows a 3-D Pie chart detailing proportion of your disk used by files.. Free download of DiskSpaceChart 2.3.1, size 362.50 Kb.