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Housemate's Companion 1.1 Slamdunk Software 

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Are you frustrated trying to sort out all your share house issues? Do you want more free time to do the things you like instead of sorting out the household responsibilites? Then check out Housemate's Companion (Free 30-day trial)--Split your share house bills--Housemate's Companion automatically calculates how much each person owes for the bills.. Free download of Housemate's Companion 1.1, size 7.10 Mb.


Housemate's Companion Slamdunk Software 

Home & Personal

If you live in shared accommodation, Housemate's Companion can help you get organized. Automatically splitting the bills fairly even in complicated scenarios where house mates move in and out and bills come in spanning these periods. Housemate's Companion works out how many days each person was living in the house during the period. Free download of Housemate's Companion, size 681.98 Kb.