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Shinimegami Media Player SDK Slawdog E-Solutions 


Shinimegami Media Player SDK (or "Shini" for short) is the world's first and only full-featured multimedia engine capable of generating media player applications. Using this software development kit, you are now able to create your own Windows applications, whether they are audio players, video players, media players, DJ mixers,. Freeware download of Shinimegami Media Player SDK, size 3.83 Mb.


DOJO Media Player Slawdog E-Solutions 


Dojo Media Player is the world's first interactive media player. Using Dojo, you can not only play back your audio and video, but also mix and scratch like a professional DJ. Its carefully designed, customizable interface helps you to easily manage playback, with features such as mouse gestures, hotkeys, and tray icon buttons. Among other. Freeware download of DOJO Media Player , size 7.37 Mb.